Solar PV

Changing the future through Solar PV

Why solar power?
Make the electricity supplier work for you! Tax-free and index linked payments for every unit of PV electricity you generate.
Earn an estimated average of £14000 over 20 years
Large savings on your household electricity bill linked directly to energy price inflation.
The Fee-in-Tariff has three benefits;
1 A generation payment
2 Electricity savings
3 Export of electricity payment

Solar PV panels on barn
Solar PV panels on a  Barn

The Feed-in-Tariff is designed to make an investment in PV highly attractive.
The larger the system the more cost-effective it becomes, with shorter pay-back times and a higher return on your investment.
The Feed-In-Tariff makes the biggest contribution to your investment . It is based upon the amount of electricity you generate. The amount of electricity you use does not have any effect on this payment
Low risk with Government backed, guaranteed payments over 20 years.
Solar PV has Permitted Development status.
Pv panels are low maintenance with no moving parts.
Pv Technology is now highly refined and highly efficient.
Our experienced PV team fit the system to the manufacturers specification to maintain your warranty.

Commercial Solar PV Systems fitted too.
Commercial Solar PV Systems fitted too.

Book a free non obligatory survey and quote call 01785 330749


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