Church Heating

Church heating
Church Heating

Looking after the fabric of our future

We specialise in church heating systems and cover the entire United Kingdom for our church heating services.

Our specialist fitters and partners are fully qualified and experienced.

When it comes to church heating solutions we also offer a complete consultation service to work out the right solution. Presently biomass boilers are providing an excellent income for 20 years.

Each church project we take on has a unique system, that require a full professional survey heat loss calculations and insulation efficiency assessment. We develop our solutions to suit your needs.

Our design and planning service provides the opportunity to discuss your church heating requirements, and we will propose the most efficient and cost effective solution for you.

We are particularly keen on encouraging renewable energy systems as part of our company’s ethos.

Under floor heating for your church is one of the most cost efficient ways of producing consistent warmth to the large open spaces of your church.

trench heating systems
Trench heating systems

Hot water is circulated through a network of pipes or trench system, under the floor, and are tightly packed under the floors surface. This allows heat to conduct through the flooring, and as there is no direct source of heat, the warmth is evenly distributed throughout the entire room, with no cold spots and ideally suited to renewable energy systems

We cover all aspects of heating maintenance and emergency repairs

Grants and loans are available depending upon your Church’s circumstances. We can even give advice on fundraising from our experience of working with different religious groups and have a handle on what is successful.

We also quote supply, and maintain heating to other religious buildings and Cathedrals.


Intelligent Renewable Energy Solutions

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