Biomass is the future

Biomass boilers are an innovative means of the generation of heat. They are an excellent way of reducing your carbon emissions and come in a large variety of sizes and power outputs Many property owners and landlords are installing biomass boilers as an alternative to oil or gas.

The Government Renewable Heat Incentive scheme is very attractive since it pays you for burning wood. Commercial systems may pay you up to £20,000 each year for 20 years. This an excellent return of investment for Farms, Schools, Care Homes, Churches in fact most large organisations will benefit.


Heating using biomass fuel allows you to stay off grid and provide all your heating needs using a very cost effective fuel compared to oil or lpg systems. The combustion equipment is designed to be as efficient as possible. Supplying 90% efficiency the fuel supply when burnt releases heat which is then used to heat either the air through convection or your water. The design of the systems along with high quality construction ensures they last the 20 years with regular servicing. Ash removal is easy to look after and can be added to compost to improve soil or your fruit trees.

Wood pellet, wood chip and logs all need different types of boilers and good fuel suppliers are easily sourced locally.

We supply and fit Hoval BioLyte , Hoval StuEvo Biomass Boilers

Also wood cookers, living room heaters and wood burners at Lanordoica-extraflame

Containerised biomass boilers are the best solution for customers who want an on site instant system all fitted within an environmental container with a wood skin.

If you want to reduce your carbon output, save money on your fuel bills and get paid for doing this then using a biomass boiler is an excellent choice. The government has carbon emission targets to meet so will help you if you help them.

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