The Landlords who need to meet ‘green’ deadline

The landlords who need to meet ‘green’ deadline

Heat going through the roof.

Heat going through the roof.

Warning Landlords of low-energy efficient homes have been warned ‘to go green’ .
WEST Midlands landlords have been warned that they must go green under new laws or they won’t be able to rent out their homes,
If they do not improve their properties’ energy efficiency, says local energy expert Ron Fox, up to one in ten buy-to-let homes wiII be ineligible to be let in three years’ time.
Ron, who runs Keele-based green energy company Noreus, said that Owners won’t be allowed to rent out properties with the two lowest efficiency ratings of F and G under new laws coming Into operation in April 2018.
Also, from 2018, landlords cannot refuse tenants’ “reasonable” requests for green measures, such as improvements to Insulation,
The Government is still deciding on whether the ban will take effect on a set date or whether properties with a For G rating can continue to be let until the end of an existing tenancy.
In a questionnaire published last month, the EHA Survey said 11.4 per cent of homes in the private rented sector were rated F or G in for energy efficiency.
This compared to only two per cent of local authority homes, 1.6 per cent of housing association properties and 8.2 percent of owner occupied homes.

Poor insulation in the ceiling
Poor insulation in the ceiling

“Landlords should plan ahead now to turn their properties green and to save more money,” said Ron, “ as the Government has made it clear that there will be consequences for those who do not improve the energy efficiency of their properties voluntarily.”
The number of buy-to-let investors is growing with latest figures showing they borrowed £16.4 billion In total last year,19 per cent more than the previous year and the total number of buy-to-let mortgages outstanding out the end of last was 1.45 million, However, help Is at hand, The National Landlords’ Association has launched a scheme whereby energy improvements to the property are paid for by a loan,
This is repaid by a supplement on the property’s electricity bill which Is cancelled out by a drop in energy bills, thus ensuring there is no net cost to tenant nor landlord.
To help landlords Ron is offering a thermal imaging camera survey. The camera reveals air leaks and moisture in cavity wall Insulation, water problems in flat roofs, defects in pipes or under­ floor heating systems and inefficient seals around door and windows without having to cut into plasterboard or concrete or search through the attic,

Old inefficent insulation on a cylinder and pipes
Old inefficient insulation on a cylinder and pipes

“Up to 60 per cent of heat lost in a home is through the roof and the walls,” said Ron, “so landlords should start by spray foaming the attic with the environmentally friendly Icynene Insulation System which reduces heating bills by up to 50per cent and saves up to £600 a year every year”
For more details about energy-saving, or to book or a thermal imaging survey call Ron on 0845 474 6641 or 01785 330749

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