Keeping the roof on our churches.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer announces 45 Million for for urgent repairs to roofs and rainwater goods on listed church buildings. Over 1,900 applications from Church groups were received, before December after the government announcement 15 million towards the repair. Each application was supported by tremendous teams of of clergy, volunteers, architects and surveyors across the UK.

Thermal image of Christchurch
Thermal image of Christchurch

The Church of England already recognised that there was significant need for funds for the repair of church buildings but even we could not have predicted such an enthusiastic response. Noreus would like to congratulate all the churches that have applied. The general public can see how important our churches are to the communities throughout the land. It also gives an insight to parishioners about the cost of maintenance and repairing these historic buildings,keeping them in sound condition.

Your Church can apply if you can answer yes to the following questions:
• Is the place you worship listed?
• Is the place you worship used mainly as a place of worship?
• Is your group fully responsible for maintaining your building in which you worship?
• Is your application for the repairs to the roof and/or rainwater disposal systems?
• Has a professional building report identified the repair work as necessary within the next five years?

We are always pleased to support churches and keep the rain out and heat in.


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